Perfectly designed for a young family , Adriana house project provides to the client the scenario of a confortable yet active living in the proximity of a big city. The ground level incorporates an office positioned near the main entrance and a generous living-room with an intimate atmosphere given by the orientation towards the back-yard. The open staircase is positioned in the core of the house. The house has a main entrance but also a secondary one - in connection with the storage room and also with the outside parking place. The parking place is coverd but not enclosed.

The dining room is positioned near the kithchen and it has an opening to an exterior covered terrace. At the first level there are 2 guest rooms (also fitted for the children) and a master bedroom that incorporates a dressing and its own bathroom.

GENERAL information

  • Levels:P+1
  • Flat roof 
  • Built area:221,7 mp
  • Net area:180,28 mp
  • Type of structure:herasteel
  • Nr. rooms:6
  • Nr. bathrooms:3
  • Balcony/Terraces:3


  • There isn't the case


  • Built area:115,77 mp
  • Net area:87,86 mp
  • Covered terrace:18,18 mp
  • Living room:30,25 mp
  • Dining room:16,42 mp
  • Kitchen:10,88 mp
  • Bathroom:2,33 mp
  • Storage:5,38 mp
  • Hall-way 1:3,15 mp
  • Hall-way 2:5,69 mp
  • Office:13,76 mp

First floor

  • Built area:105,92 mp
  • Net area:92,42 mp
  • Bedroom 1:16,42 mp
  • Bedroom 2:15,92 mp
  • Mater bedroom:24,30 mp
  • Bathroom:7,30 mp
  • Shower:3,84 mp
  • Dressing:7,99 mp
  • Staircase:16,65 mp
  • Terrace 1:17,98 mp
  • Terrace 2:14,16 mp

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