Advantages in building with steel

We further present you some of the most important advantages that might convince you to choose a metallic structure home.

A lower price than the traditionally built houses

The lower price for the metallic structure houses is due to the short amount of the time that the montage of the structure and of the walls requires and is also due to the simplicity of the system.

Longer life span of the construction

The "Temelion project - Vasilas Constructii Case" company offers a 50 to 70 years warranty for the metallic structure houses.

Good seismic behaviour.

The metallic structure buildings have proven once again their good seismic behaviour.

High acustic and thermal insulation properties

Due to the use of the heraklith panels and perlite layer the heasteel system offers a higher quality solution than the traditional systems of building.

The herasteel walls "breathe"

The Herasteel House does "breathe". The heraklith enclosing panels have a low resistance towards the vapours diffusionand because of that the vapurs and the dampness migrate to the exterior.That is the reason why the dampness will never remain inside a herasteel building.

Lower prices for executing the foundations

The foundation of a herasteel house doesn't differ that much from the foundation of a house built in a traditional system (a brick masonry, concrete structure or wood-frame house). The factors that determine the size of the foundation are in each of these cases the same: the weight of the structure, the quality of the soil. Because the overall weight of the structure in the heasteel system is lower as a consequence the foundation will be less massive.

The metallic structure houses have more free sqm because of the smaller thickness of the walls

Because herasteel system houses use a highly efficient thermal insulation package and the structural resistance role is taken by small section metallic profiles the overall thickness of the walls is smaller. Therefore the ratio between the built surface and the free internal surface is more advantageous to the client.

Good fire-resistance

The metallic structure is placed between panels of heraklith, material that has a very high fire-resistance. That is the reason why the structure is very well fire-protected.

Has a long term shape stability

Not like the wood frame house which undertake as time goes by irreversible shape changes, the metallic structure houses have a high geometrical stability during time.

Lower maintenance costs

Not like the wood frame house wich require a periodical treatment against vermin and termite, the metallic structure houses don't require high maintainance cost.

Except for the concrete works (foundation and slab) the rest of the construction can be erected in any time of the year

Another advantage of the metallic structure houses is that besides the concrete works (the foundation and the slabs) the montage of the metallic structure itself is a dry-process that can take place in anytime of the year regardless the temperature outside.