About US

Temelion Project part of the "Vasilas Constructii Metalice" company introduces the herasteel system for housing systems with a height of one or two levels and an attick.

Temelion Project is part of the "Vasilas Constructii Metalice" company which has been working in the metallic structure construction field for a long time and is offering the structural design for the project, the structural elements and their montage. Thanks to the professional experience that we have assimilated during the last 30 years we are now able to offer to the clients our own structural design solutions that meet all the functional and technical requirements on a very competitive price and in a very short time. We have a portofolio of over 800.000 sqm of metallic structure buildings built all over the Europe that stand as a proof of our expertise.

These are just some of the reasons why Vasilas Constructii Metalice is considered one of the most important construction companies in Europe. Our aim for the future is to extend our production capacity through setting up new factories across the European Community.

Our commitment to our clients is proven by long-term partnership with our first clients (our first partnerships date back from the 80's). We are proud of our highly-qualified and hard-working staff who are always prepared to offer a good solution to even the most difficult issues in the construction design field.