Sustainability and environmentally friendly building

Metallic structures are the most sustainable building system at the moment

Some of the fact that entitle one to sustain that are:

Steel is a 100% recyclable material.

The steel used for structures is processed from iron ore, one of the most reach resources. The material is 100% recyclable, easy to process and separate from other metals and as a result a big percentage of the steel that is produced each year is obtained from the recycling of old material.

The processing of raw material (iron ore) in the steel production is a very efficient process.

Over the last years the consumption energy required by the production of steel has decreased by 50%. Moreover, the emissions of CO2 (resulted in the steel processing) have diminished due to more and more efficient techniques of processing. In the same time the by-products and residual materials have found a usage in construction industry and agriculture: for example the blast furnace slag may be used in the building of the roads.
The water resulted from the steel production is now recycled and than reused by the people.

Off-site manufacture of the entire steel-structure.

The offisete manufacturing of the metallic structure leads to a faster and safer construction than on site construction and has as a result lower execution prices. The 3d modeling design software used in designing the structure elements makes the design more precise and increases the predictability rate for the construction process. The defects or human errors are far less likely to happen and the productivity and efficency increase.

Safety at work on site.

All the structure elements are produced in specialized factories using automated or semi-automated processes.The quantity of work left to be done directly on site is smaller and also the risk for on-site accidents is lower. The montage of a metallic structure only requires a small team of well-trained and highly-qualified workers.

A low impact on the environment, a small percentage of waste and residual materials.

Due to the fact that the structure is mainly off-site manufactured the on-site adjustment that are needed are occasional and of minor dimension. Therefore the residual materials are in a small quantity.
As a differenece from the other building techniques, building with steel structure requires only "dry-techniques" which don't produce pollution, waste materials, dirt or any other inconveniences for the neighbours. In addition to that, the off-site manufacturing of the structure reduces the duration of the construction.

Efficient design and use of raw material.

Due to the features of the steel as a building material the overall structure of a building using a metallic structure is lighter than a masonry or concrete structure construction. As a consequence the foundations are smaller and the total cost of the building is lower.
In addition to that, the metallic structures are slander structures using small section profiles - the beams have a smaller section than the beams from a construction built by the traditional techniques and therefore the net height of the rooms will be bigger. Also the ratio between the constructed area and the free internal area will be more favourable thanks to the less thick walls that are used.
Using steel constructions brings one the advantage of mounting the cable beds through the structure elements - in herasteel houses case in the shuttering used for the slabs.
Metallic structure buildings are energy-efficient, their maintenance doesn't require much expences and also the structure itself is durable and resistent.

The possibility of re-using and diassembling the metallic structure.

The production of steel based on recycled material requires less energy consumption than the production of steel out of iron ore.
The metallic structures can pe diassambled at any time and can be easily reassembled in a different location or reused by individual components.