Herasteel system - metallic structure houses

Herasteel system is an integrated solution for housing development offered by Temelion Project part of the "Vasilas Constructii Metalice" Group. The Herasteel System takes the advantages of the steel structures into the civil buildings construction field and brings up the advantages of using natural materials like heraklith. The result are the confortable, durable and environmentally friendly houses.

Structural system: galvanized steel rectangular profiles , concrete slab with lost shuttering (corrugated sheet), linear foundation, metallic roof structure.

Exterior walls: between the metallic vertical profiles there is a perlite layer.On both sides the metallic profiles are plated with heraklith panels

Exterior finishings: decorative plaster, pvc window and door frames, bitumenous sheets roofing

Interior finishings: we offer a few standard packages from which the client can choose

The foundation for a herasteel house is not much different from the foundation of a house build with the traditional techniques (masonry wall, wood-frames system). The dimensions of the foundations are influenced in the first place by the nature of the foundation ground and the existence of a underground level. The loads from the structure weight is lighter in a herasteel house than in other types of construction. The frost level must be taken into consideration and the foundation will be made accordingly no matter which structural system is chosen.

Except for the metal frames, all the interior and exterior surfaces look the same as in a traditional building. On the exterior surfaces all the possible finishing materials can be used: decorative plaster, stone cladding, ceramic tiling. The interior finishing can also be chosen from a large range of options available on the construction market.

The interior walls are built using light metal profiles (which are produced using sand-blasted, rough-coated and painted with 2 layers of paint steel profiles). The metallic frames are fixed on the concrete slab with metallic anchors and chemical vial for a permanent bonding to the foundation. The frames are fixed on the foundation every 50 cm.

The exterior walls are cladded on both sides with heraklith panels painted in wall paint. In between the panels the metallic profiles are placed. In the free space remaining between the metallic profiles, a layer of perlite is poured making the house completely sealed and thermally insulated. Perlite also works as an efficient phonic insulation.

The slabs are made using a corrugated sheet lost shuttering upon which a concrete slab, reinforeced on both directions is made. The finishings are at the custumer's choice. The using of corrugated sheet for the slabs makes it possible for the entire metallic structure to be erected before the concrete is cast for the slabs. This way a huge economy in the entire investment can be made.

The roof is built using metallic profiles, the same as used for the walls. The thermal insulation is made with mineral wool put between the metallic trusses.

Heraklith technical data

The herakltih panels are made of wood wool and cement. The Heraklith technology has a history of more than 90 years and is being used all over the world. The qualities that recommend the heraklith panels are a low thermal transmission coefficient , optimal phonic insulation properties, permeablility for water vapours, good fire resistance and optimal seismic behaviour.

Perlite technical data

The name of "perlite" is not a commercial name but the name of a natural silicious rock. Because its chemical composition similarities to glass, perlite is chemically inert. The most noticeable traits of perlite and the things that makes it so useful in construction industry are: good thermal insulation properties a light weight. In everyday practice the free-flowing perlite loose-fill insulation is poured in the cravaces left in the walls during the construction providing this way a better insulation and reducing noise transmission.

The advantage that perlite brings is that by using it the construction is fully sealed and thermally protected. The perlite enhances fire ratings of the constructions when used and is also rot, vermin and termite resistant.

In the herasteel system, perlite is used as an insulation layer between the heraklith panels.